Welcome to Modere Collagen Sciences! In 2017, Jusuru joined Modere in the pursuit of its live clean mission and the goal to reach 10 million healthy homes around the world. Click play on the video below to hear a brief message from Modere CEO Asma Ishaq (Jusuru co-founder and formerly its president), as she discusses this exciting transition.
If you are a current Jusuru customer or iRep, you can complete the Modere account transition process by selecting ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT below. When prompted to log in, please enter the same credentials (user name/account name and password) that you have used in the past. In other words, LOGIN THE SAME WAY YOU USED TO LOGIN TO JUSURU.COM upon being prompted.


If you are not a current customer or iRep, begin by selecting the CREATE AN ACCOUNT button.



Welcome to Modere Collagen Sciences!

Jusuru has transitioned to Modere. Click on the button below to visit ShiftingRetail.com and learn more about the social marketing opportunity at Modere.