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Modere Rewards

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It pays to shop Modere, in more ways than one! When you make the switch to our science-backed, award-winning daily essentials, you'll not only gain access to the most-wanted innovations to help you live your best life-you can also earn free shipping, Modere Cash, and unlimited savings!

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Free Shipping

Free Shipping

Semi-Annual Anniversary Discounts

2 x $25 Semi-annual anniversary discounts

Referral Credit

Referral Credit

Subscribe & Save

Save even more when you subscribe!

Add your clean label favorites to a monthly subscription and you’ll get all these customer perks, PLUS based on your subscription total, you’re also eligible to earn Modere Cash and more:

Subscriptions up to


Convenient monthly deliveries


$50 - $149.99

Convenient monthly deliveries

Earn $10 in Modere Cash each month



Convenient monthly deliveries

Earn $25 or more in Modere Cash each month with an additional $25 in Modere Cash earned for every increment of $150 spent in your total subscription. The more you subscribe, the more you save!

Free shipping on all orders $150 or more

Referral Rewards

Referral Rewards

Earn Modere Cash when you refer a friend!

Now that you’re living your best life with Modere, don’t gatekeep it from your friends!

Just share your personalized customer referral code, and they can save $10 or more on their first purchase of $50! Better yet, you’ll receive an equivalent Modere Cash toward your next purchase… but that’s only the beginning.

The more your friends spend on their first purchase, the more they can save!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Modere Rewards is our customer incentive program, and you get to enjoy the benefits simply by registering as a Modere customer! From day one as a registered customer, you can get free shipping with any minimum $150 order, earn Modere Cash by referring friends, receive two semi-annual anniversary discounts every year, and gain access to even more special savings opportunities throughout the year. Plus, customers who subscribe are eligible to earn monthly Modere Cash based on their subscription subtotal!

Start Earning Modere Cash Today!

Shop and earn unlimited Modere Cash with a monthly subscription. The more you subscribe, the more you earn!