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Modere Axis™ Core Nutrition Collection

Sku: 64269/ $113.96 Value

Experience wellness like never before. Optimize your daily nutrition with research-recommended amounts of 22 biologically integrated vitamins and minerals, plus a selection of advanced formulas to help support your overall health, target your circulatory health, help you absorb more essential nutrients and help keep your body and mind resilient.*

Axis Multivitamin is expertly formulated to provide optimal support for heart, brain and cognitive health, immune health, thyroid health and general health and vitality. Powerful on its own, its benefits are enhanced when paired with these additional advanced formulas: Omega 3 helps support your body’s circulatory and cognitive health, provide essential fatty acids, maintain healthy triglyceride level already within a normal range. Digestive Enzymes help you properly digest your food and absorb more essential nutrients while offering relief from symptoms of bloating and occasional heartburn. Lastly, Antioxidant completes this collection with added support for healthy joints & cardiovascular health, plus protection against oxidation and free radicals.*

Modere Axis™ Multivitamin is biologically integrated with research-recommended amounts of 22 highly bioavailable and bioactive vitamins and minerals. Optimize daily nutrition critical to overall wellness with excellent sources of vitamins A, C, E and B complex, and excellent sources of calcium, magnesium, zinc and trace minerals.*

Omega 3 is made with quality fish oil to support circulatory health, cognitive performance, and normal, healthy triglyceride levels already within a normal range.*

Digestive Enzymes is formulated with pineapple and a special blend of 6 enzymes that helps your body break down food and absorb more essential nutrients.

Antioxidant helps fight free radicals and cell oxidation with antioxidant vitamins, herbs and extracts in a clean-label formula designed to help keep your body and mind resilient.*

The Modere Axis™ Core Nutrition Collection includes:

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