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5 Day Drop Pack

Sku: 64103/ $133.96 Value
Prep your body for a transformation with this 4-piece kit designed to help optimize nutrient intake from the healthy foods and beverages you consume. The 5 Day Drop Pack is the perfect prelude to our bestselling Lean Body System.*

Set yourself up for success before starting on the Lean Body System with our deceptively simple 5 Day Drop Pack. This 4-piece kit preps your body for optimal nutrient absorption by providing everything you need to support digestive health, hydration and alkalinity, and your microbiome.*

Revitalize transforms the water you drink with supercharged trace minerals to support optimal hydration and metabolism. Formulated with fulvic acid from shilajit to increase bioavailability, Revitalize helps you absorb more of the minerals you consume.*

Modere Axis™ PhytoGreens delivers phytonutrient-rich marine and leafy greens and fruit, plus adaptogens, to help optimize a healthy diet, digestive health, energy levels, alkalinity and microbiome balance.*

Digestive Enzymes delivers 7 enzymes to help you absorb more nutrients from the healthy foods you eat, including supporting the digestion of protein, dairy, carbs, fat and cellulose.*

Probiotic delivers 4 beneficial gut bacteria strains to support your microbiome. Featuring revolutionary encapsulation technology, each stick pack offers a guaranteed 5 billion cells and is shown to colonize up to 5 times better than uncoated probiotic strains.*

We recommend kicking off your body transformation journey by using the 5 Day Drop Pack for at least one week, so you can get the most out of your healthy weight management plan and fast track your success with the Lean Body System.

5 Day Drop Pack includes:

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